The Weekly Coin Drop (6.13.14)

Hey guys sorry to have missed you last week but we always take care of you 8bit heroes. Kevin had some things going on and I wanted to make sure we still got the podcast out so we had some fill-ins.  No worries he will be back soon and we will catch up on all the regular things we normally chat about.

“On the Site”

We had a bunch of E3 news from James from Xbox, Playstation, EA, and Ubisoft. We also had some news of Android 4.4.3 rolling out on Motorola devices.  Also we got some news on Dr. Strange

“In the Feeds”

Well we had a lot of E3 news on the site and in the news.  Some of my favorite things came from Nintendo, with a Captain Toadstool game.

- an exclusive on who is doing the Deadpool bi-annual this time around. Here

-it looks like some more Superman vs Batman rumors. Maybe Emily Blunt will be joining the cast?

- you can get your Frozen Pop Vinyl figures here

“From the Past”

This week was very simple in the fact that I’m just picking the old NES system.  Why would I do this?  Well because I think besides like I said on the podcast this past week, that Halo 1 on hard is far harder than any game,  Nintendo had the hardest games and many of which were a set difficulty.  You didn’t have easy, medium, and hard.  It was beat it or claim defeat,  and some games you had to play through in one sitting as there were not saves.  Sure Mega-man had codes but that was about it.  A direction pad and two buttons were all that was needed to send a grown man to tears of defeat.  There were also a bunch of add-ons to the system such as game genie, power pad, power glove,  Arcade controllers, and the gun.  Things we still see on new systems in a way if you think about the power pad as a Kinect or the Wii controller add-ons. And despite the much fallen Wii-U sales I think Nintendo is innovative instead of just focusing on graphics and hardware.  I love you Nintendo….

“CGI / Animation Short “

I’ve been watching these really cool retro looking Disney Mickey Mouse shorts so I thought I would share one with all you.  My girls love these as do I so enjoy.

” Geek Track of the Week” 

I heard this tune one day driving and it just took me back so I had to add it.  It’s Hozier “Take me to Church” .


Well that does it for this week.  Enjoy some gaming talk until then with myself and James on The Arcade City Podcast #031 and as always….  Keep the streets safe you 8bit heroes!